Dev Blog 01 - Gameplay basics

Hello fellow winelovers!
Today we’d like to start share with you more detail on the gameplay of Hundred Days!
The game has 3 different areas of interest:


With the Toolshack you will handle all the task relative to the vineyards, and will store your tools and tractors.


In the winery you will take care of the winemaking process.


Warehouse is where you will handle the logistics, marketing and selling of your final product.


The Board at the center of the screen represent your time. You must organize your day, trying to manage the task you have to do.
Task that you can perform are represented in form of cards. The cards you will receive at the beginning of your turn depend on what you have done in the past turns.


Cards can have 3 parameters:

  • Shape: the actual shape once the task is placed on the board
  • Weather condition: if the card have some limitation or not due to the weather
  • Cost of the task

Once you drag a card on the board the card will change shape:

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